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Sports Art Treadmill Fan Drive Motor Belts

Our SSports Art Treadmill Fan Drive Motor Belts are not only at a low price, they’re also high quality lasting products, packed with lots of extra special features. All of our replacement treadmill belts have been carefully and thoroughly tested and still prove to produce low friction and best of all, low noise with high amounts of grip.

Stock Guarantee! 1000’s of belts and 100’s of sizes!

As the largest Australian supplier of high quality and cheap Sports Art Treadmill Fan Drive Motor Belts we can ensure you will find the right belt and size for your treadmill’s needs.

Some Sports Art Treadmill Models

  • Sports art power fit 1032 S
  • Sportsart Powerfit 1000
  • Sports art 1080
  • Sports Art Xtreme series
  • Sports art 1210
  • Sports art 1250
  • Sports Art 1288
  • Sports Art 3000 3001
  • Sportsart Powerfit 3007
  • Sports art 6003
  • Sports art 6310 6320 6330

Try our quality Sports Art Treadmill Fan Drive Motor Belts today, you won’t be disappointed!

Not only are our Sports Art Treadmill Fan Drive Motor Belts high quality and inexpensive, they are also incredibly easy to install onto your Sports Art treadmill.

All of our Treadmill replacement belts come with a do-it-yourself installation guide, to help you install your new Sport Arts running belt. Don’t have a Sports Art Treadmill?

We also carry treadmill fan drive motor belts for all other makes and models including:-

If you need some help, try our FAQ’s page or call us on 0407 494 940. We are always happy to assist!

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  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Treadmill Fan Belts treadmill belts are made to last. Engineered with the Best Quality material, that equals or exceeds OEM standards. Treadmill Fan Belts belts are perfect for both commercial and residential treadmills. These may also be called Treadmill Drive Belt, Treadmill Motor Belt, Treadmill Polyrib Belt.
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Common Treadmill Fan Belt Sizes

160J / PJ406
165J / PJ419
170J / PJ432
180J / PJ457
185J / PJ470
190J / PJ483
200J / PJ508
205J / PJ520
210J / PJ533
215J / PJ546
220J / PJ559
230J / PJ584
235J / PJ598
240J / PJ610
250J / PJ635
260J / PJ660
280J / PJ711
300J / PJ762
310J / PJ787
320J / PJ813
325J / PJ825
350J / PJ889
360J / PJ914
370J / PJ940
400J / PJ1016
450J / PJ1143
470J / PJ1194
610J / PJ1550

Common Flexonic Treadmill Fan Belt sizes

Flexonic 8PJ402 / 8EPJ402 / 8 Rib
Flexonic 8PJ412 / 8EPJ402 / 8 Rib
Flexonic 8PJ431 / 8EPJ431 / 8 Rib
Flexonic 8PJ459 / 8EPJ459 / 8 Rib
Flexonic 8PJ470 / 8EPJ470 / 8 Rib
Flexonic 8PJ488 / 8EPJ488 / 8 Rib
Flexonic 8PJ497 / 8EPJ497 / 8 Rib
Flexonic 8PJ525 / 8EPJ525 / 8 Rib
Flexonic 8PJ543 / 8EPJ543 / 8 Rib
Flexonic 8PJ556 / 8EPJ556 / 8 Rib
Flexonic 8PJ598 / 8EPJ598 / 8 Rib
Flexonic 8PJ619 / 8EPJ619 / 8 Rib
Flexonic 8PJ628 / 8EPJ628 / 8 Rib
Flexonic 8PJ637 / 8EPJ637 / 8 Rib
Flexonic 8PJ667 / 8EPJ667 / 8 Rib
Flexonic 8PJ681 / 8EPJ681 / 8 Rib
Flexonic 8PJ698 / 8EPJ698 / 8 Rib
Flexonic 8PJ711 / 8EPJ711 / 8 Rib

Flexonic 10PJ543 / 10EPJ543 / 10 Rib
Flexonic 10PJ619 / 10EPJ619 / 10 Rib
Flexonic 10PJ628 / 10EPJ628 / 10 Rib
Flexonic 10PJ637 / 10EPJ637 / 10 Rib
Flexonic 10PJ667 / 10EPJ667 / 10 Rib
Flexonic 10PJ698 / 10EPJ699 / 10 Rib
Flexonic 10PJ711 / 10EPJ711 / 10 Rib